PR and Event Management for Facebook’s Third Party Fact-Checking Launch in Senegal


With the preponderance of false/fake news, especially on social media, and the global outcry against the trend, Facebook needed to show that it is really serious about the spread of such on its platform.

As a result, Facebook launched the 3rd Party Fact-Checking Programme in countries like South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

When it decided to extend the campaign to Senegal, Client briefed Chain Reactions Nigeria to provide strategic PR support for  the Senegal event. 



CRN developed and implemented strategic PR Leverage and Media Publicity activities after the event. CRN facilitated media participation, attendance and coverage of the event . CRN effectively managed the event, providing on-the-ground support for the Facebook Team. CRN facilitated extensive media exploitation of the event, across print and digital media.



CRN achieved extensive media coverage of the event, resulting in 72 news mentions across print and digital media