How Today’s Influencers Triple Brand Revenue

The goal of every business owner is to create value and generate sales, this explains why business owners draft a large chunk of operating capital to their marketing budgets, selling their brands to the public. Our Digital Analyst, Tosin Adeda, tells us how social influencers convert that large chunk of expenditure into good ROI.

In this digital age, a creative consideration of the use of social media influencers should be one of the focus points while crafting digital campaigns. In Nigeria currently, we have 98.39 million internet users, 24 million of which are active on Social Media, with WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram having the largest percentages of the figure. This explains the importance of digital marketing, and why brand owners should focus on the digital space.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book “The Tipping Point” categorized influencers into 3 types:

  1. The Mavens: Knowledgeable people, usually industry experts, who write and share informed content. Examples: medical experts, tech experts, etc.
  2. The Salesman: Salesmen are influencers with immense persuasive power. Anyone can be a salesman, but speciality marketing and digital marketing industry influencers fit into this category.
  3. The Connectors: Connectors have an exceptional network and exceptional reach. They are masters of word-of-mouth marketing. Examples are celebrities.

The type of content and influencers to be used, largely always depends on the type of campaign your brand is embarking on. For some campaigns, a brand might need to combine two or all three types of influencers.

Influencers create content that generates multiple mentions online, mentions that can be linked to the brand’s website, which automatically translates to hits on the website from organic visitors, and improves the SEO of the brand.

In creating content, they also bridge the gap between brands and customers. Customers always love to have easy access to brands, and as a brand, effective feedback is very important.

Online reviews by influencers for a product, goes a long way in creating a positive perception in the minds of customers and will translate to sales. Influencers are professionals and as a result, have the followership of people who trust their judgements in the niches they’ve carved for themselves. When a maven creates a narrative about your product, it directly makes your brand an authority in the field it operates.

Lastly, Influencers can turn around the negative publicity surrounding your brand to a positive one, with a strategic and well thought out content. The bulk of the social media users form their opinions and ideas about brands and issues in general, from what influencers put out via their platforms.

Using the internet for commercial activities is on a rapid increase, and will only get better. Influencers play a critical role in this, don’t be left behind as a business owner.




How Today’s Influencers Triple Brand Revenue
How Today’s Influencers Triple Brand Revenue
How Today’s Influencers Triple Brand Revenue
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