Here are 7 Ways Earned Media Can Be Maximized

Every brand loves free stuff, even the big budget brands! But how we make the best of our “free media” to effectively impact brand presence and image matters a lot. Our Associate Analyst, Francis Nwosu, reveal secrets for that, ahead.

Ever wondered how some brands gain appreciable customer satisfaction, loyalty and turn-over figures over its competitors, who oftentimes spend huge sums on advertising and branding for that same brand effect. This is a puzzle in the brand marketing space but interestingly, the solution to this problem is simply ‘word of mouth’.

Leveraging earned media for the successful business brand does not take any precise order, however, it is a strategy for business development embedded in a good application of human relations, emotional intelligence, people management and virtual communication, to keep a sustainable relationship with all your connections across platforms and strata. You can maximise earned media with the following strategies:

Leverage your circle of influence - This is key, as a business entity, always keep in touch with your family, friends, employees, colleagues, associates etc. You must ensure to build an influential and sustainable relationship who you share your successes and challenges with. They will consequently become your brand’s advocates across their own circles too.

Connect and engage - Build and enhance your relationships (professional and social groups) with essential and relatable contents across requisite platforms, tie it to your brand and product, address concerns with feedback constantly, and appreciably adopt suggestions.

Reach new converts - Use every meeting as an opportunity to make new connections, talk about your brand and product offerings and keep in touch on landmark dates with engaging content. If they do not have a present need for your brand and product, they will facilitate referrals for your brand.

Volunteer to promote a social cause - In the contemporary business market, target gravitates easily to social involvement, hence, as brand custodian be socially responsible and amplify the opportunity across your connections. This will aid Top of Mind reference for your brand.

Loyalty reward - This is an extension of engagement, for a brand with a fairly good following, it’s advisable to reward loyal connections, e.g. invitations to your events, meetings, social/industry-centric gatherings. It does not have to be cash; rewards builds trust and enhances the credibility of your brand.

Develop segment influencer marketing - Build social media presence relationships with specific industry/segment leaders e.g. media practitioners, business icons, entertainers, Techies, athletes etc. with positive clout online and offline and endeavour to make them ‘share, like or comment’ on your content/brand/product, do same for them too.

Brand assets are key - These are your brand/product’s unique element that distinguishes it from others e.g. style, logo, tagline, name, tone etc. they must be consistent in line with customer demands. It gives your brand individuality and exclusivity in its segment.


Here are 7 Ways Earned Media Can Be Maximized
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